Chef Cathy Zeis Power of Godsource Foods


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Remember the riddle from when you were a kid, "How do you eat an elephant?" Now that you are older, you may be asking more serious questions if you are facing the challenge of cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or obesity.  One of them might be, "How do I eat right to fight this disease?" The answer to both questions is, "One bite at a time!"   Join local, celebrity chef, Chef Cathy Zeis, for an 8 week or 16 week, educational, in-depth look inside food and how it affects our health.  Chef Zeis will take you on a journey to learn how your life can be changed through working with various food combinations.  One Bite at a Time is required text for class. Link below for ordering book.  

The first 8 weeks will begin with an overview of the course with an explanation of the Power of Godsource Foods™ and how they help keep us healthy and fight disease.

  • Week 1: Introduction and history of the Power Godsource Foods
  • Week 2: The importance of vegetables: Eating like a rainbow, fresh-frozen-or canned, how specific vegetables fight disease!
  • Week 3: The importance of fruit: Why fruit plays a major roll in fighting disease, citrus and our ph balance, how certain colored fruits fight disease and why to keep them on hand!
  • Week 4: Grocery shopping: Why marketing plays such a huge roll in how you shop.
  • Week 5: Why using spices is imperative to good health.
  • Week 6: Power of Proteins.
  • Week 7: Keeping it balanced: how to stay healthy while eating unhealthy foods, eating out obstacle course, Fresh vs. Frozen!
  • Week 8: Wrapping up- up close and personal of the last 8 weeks!

The second 8 weeks will focus on how our food choices today will affect our bodies tomorrow.  A concentration of healthy side dishes, snacks, dressings, beverages and everyday ingredients will enlighten and empower each person attending!  Secrets will be revealed during this term!

  • Week 1: Brand Names- how to make the healthiest choices, reading the label, hidden dangers and treasures in the box.
  • Week 2: Setting and changing your palate!
  • Week 3: The dangers and benefits of snacking: salt or no salt, desserts that are OK to eat, what to drink and how much!
  • Week 4: Three ingredients are enough: making water even healthier, the perfect side dish, the box with a million possibilities.
  • Week 5: Party trays: The best bang for your buck when feeding a bunch of people, deli meats and what NOT to buy, cheese or no cheese.
  • Week 6: Chicken: Is store bought rotisserie chicken really healthy, why it’s cheaper to buy fresh or frozen, how to keep foods fresh, HELP! I have leftovers!
  • Week 7: Potatoes: Friend or foe?, the healthiest of choices, what a great side, but can I mash?
  • Week 8: Wrapping up- A taste for the ages!

Material requirements:

One Bite at a Time: Everyday Meal Plans for Fighting Cancer, Heart Disease, IBS, Obesity And Other Ailments, ISBN: 978-1-9731973-1-7  

About the instructor:

CHEF CATHY ZEIS is an all-natural chef who creates healthy food plans for those who are humbled by disease or who crave a healthier lifestyle. She has studied the science as well as the art of food and bases her customized meal plans on the combinations of foods that most efficiently fuel and heal our bodies. She has been in the food industry for almost 35 years as a restaurant owner, food developer, award-winning cookbook author, food stylist, executive editor of a food magazine, and for ten years was the host of the television show “Cooking with Cathy.” Chef Cathy works with physicians, patients, and athletes to design custom meal plans for those who are fighting disease or injury. As a teacher, consultant, advisor and public speaker, she brings her God-given talent and passion for healthy food education to all those who strive for better health.

Class Options 

  • Wednesdays, 9:00am-10:30am
  • Three date options to choose:
  • 16 week option: 1/16/19 - 5/8/19, Cost: $189; OR
  • 8 week option:  1/16/19 - 3/6/19,  Cost: $99; OR
  • 8 week option:  3/20/19 - 5/8/19,  Cost: $99