T.E.A.M.S. Trifecta – Fall 2022

TEAMS is a lifelong learning program offered to students 60 years of age and older.  TEAMS classes are non-credit.  There are no test, grades, or papers to write! The program will include talented instructors, college professors, and business leaders with categorical experience. The sheer joy of learning something new, and becoming more informed is the goal of T.E.A.M.S participants.





Join us for a fun, relaxed literary conversation hosted by Lisa Hebert, our energetic and outgoing Head Librarian.  TEAMS members will experience the books, films, and theatre productions through Grayson College Theatre Department and/or Sherman Community Players.  Class size is limited, please sign up individually.

TRIFECTA- Books, Movies and Theatre 

Times & Location:

  • Wednesday
  • CWL Auditorium
  • 1p-3p
Updates, changes, and additions to the TEAMS scheduled are communicated via email and text message. Please make sure your current email is on file with our office. Unfortunately, some program offerings will overlap. Feel free to contact the office concerning any changes or questions at 903-463-8765.


  • Updates coming soon!